About Us

Bedrock Human Development Foundation

Bedrock Human Development Foundation was birthed out of a burning desire to provide a sustainable platform for fighting poverty using basic education, medical care and skill-acquisition. The Foundation is registered as a nonprofit organization in Nigeria with a mission to eradicate poverty in rural communities in West Africa through the education and empowerment of underprivileged youths with the skills and tools for economic and social development.

Our focus is on orphans, less privileged adolescents and youths living in rural areas. We are currently working in partnership with other non-profit organizations, community and faith based organizations, as well as orphanages to ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to address the challenge.

We are committed to providing service to humanity; this passion inspires and drives the implementation of our programmes and projects in the communities in which we operate. We therefore solicit your partnership in improving the quality of life of individuals, households and communities in rural areas by providing service to humanity.